Cheap Domains – How to Register Domains Cheaper

Domain names are used for many reasons, but most people do not want to pay full price to register the domain that they want. You might think paying full price is OK but with a simple 2min search of the internet you can easily get the domain cheaper. How can you get the domain cheaper? The secret is domain name codes. Domain registers want you to register a domain with… Read More »

Domain Flipping Basics – Make Money From Domains

Domain flipping is a good way to make money from domains. This article is going to look at domain flipping basics. The two ways that you can make money from domain flipping are buying a domain name and reselling it undeveloped or buying a domain and developing it into a website. The potential to make very good money from domain flipping can be enormous especially if the domain has a… Read More »

Domain Names Available – How to Find Them

There are so many domain names available that you can find very good domain names to purchase all the time. The problem is that most of the best ones are already taken and will cost you a large amount of money to purchase. This means that most domainers are forced to try and make money from domains that are only OK. Many will look for very good domains in other… Read More »

Negotiate Domain Name Purchase

When you negotiate domain name purchase you need to regard it as a financial transaction and give it the respect that any negotiation that a business would undertake. One of the main things you have to have before and while you negotiate domain name purchase is as much facts about the domain as well as the person selling as you can. Even simple things such as knowing what price you… Read More »

Does Developing Domains Increase Value

When I buy a domain, one of the things that I consider is what type of website could I develop on the domain? Many domainers think that they need to develop a large part of their domains portfolio. The idea behind this is that even if the website doesn’t make money, the domain being developed will make the resale value of the domain bigger. The problem is that this can… Read More »

Checking Expired Domain Backlink Data

This is the next article in the series about what metrics you should be looking at when you are thinking of buying an expired domain name. You can read the first article in the series here. In this article we are going to look at the back link data of a expired domain and how we can use it. So why back-links are so important, well they help determine the… Read More »

Alexa Metrics for Expired Domains

Alexa which is a subsidiary of is a company that ranks websites form around the internet. They collect their data from people that have an Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. From this data they use an algorithm to rank the websites that the users have visited. The problem with Alexa only using data from their toolbar is that it can be inaccurate. Once a user installs the toolbar… Read More »

Majestic SEO Metrics

In this article we will be looking at the Majestic SEO metrics that you should be looking at when you are thinking of buying an expired domain. This is the forth article in a series about what metrics you should look at when buying expired domains. You can read the first in the series here  or the last article  about  SEOmoz metrics by clicking on these links. Majestic SEO Metrics… Read More »

SEOmoz Metrics for Expired Domain Names.

This is the third in a series about what metrics you should use to decide if an expired domain is worth buying. In this article we will look at the SEOmoz Metrics for expired domain names. The last article was about page rank and you can read it here or if you want to read the first in the series click here. SEOmoz is a SEO company based in the… Read More »

Buying Expired Domains With PageRank

Buying expired domains with pagerank (PR) is the next metric that we are going to look at in this series on buying expired domains. The metrics that we are looking at will help you when you are buying expired domains with pagerank or in fact any domain that you are looking to buy.   Read the first article in the series here. These buying expired domains metrics are: Domain Age… Read More »