100 Books Every Marketer Should Read

Marketing is a fascinating, rewarding, multidisciplinary field that has the potential to generate revenue and grow any business.

This makes it a great industry to be a part of. However, it also means that in order to be the best marketer you can be, you have to possess at least a basic understanding of a lot of different concepts.

Here are the 100 most important books that every marketer should read. The books are organized by category:

I know that I’ve gotten a lot of benefit from the vast amount of expertise hiding in the pages of these books. And if you give them the time they need to share their knowledge, I know you will too.

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  • If you’ve been running Facebook ads as long as Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns,

  • If you’ve ever gotten stuck in a blog rut—you’re not alone.

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  • People love books.

    Even in our digital age, there is just something about a book