3 Ways to Bring Brick-and-Mortar Delights to the Digital World of Your Brand

Over the past decade, brands have battled in a quest to digital dominion. But as the initial frenzy over internet real estate has calmed, the allure of brick and mortar is growing again. Brands that made their marks as ecommerce experts are now forging new territory, building physical stores to offer their customers a different kind of experience.

Amazon is the standout example. It has advanced in the race for digital and physical brand synergy by designing the first cashierless stores. Amazon Go stores bring back the concept of the traditional grocery store—but with the ease of digital checkout. CEO Jeff Bezos envisions the stores as a crucial new element to the brand and plans to open more than 3,000 more in the next few years.

Glossier, on the other hand, has taken a more intimate approach.

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