Graphic Design in the Modern World: What Marketers Need to Know

Graphic design is one of the oldest forms of communication for design and marketing. It is described as an art form and is the practice and planning of sharing ideas and stories through visual and text format. Graphic design was initially a print practice but is mainly digitized now, with images, words, and graphics all part of an end-to-end design.

Graphic design exists to persuade, advertise, promote, or otherwise elicit an emotional response. Expertise in this field is a crucial element in almost all marketing campaigns, and marketers need to know how to use it effectively.

Marketers often use their own in-house resources to create graphic design, although some may work with specialized agencies or freelancers. As the world’s digital transformation continues, is there even any need for traditional graphic design? People have asked the question “is print design dead?” for many years but the answer remains a resounding “no.

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