Rebranding Is Much More Than Designing a New Logo

Companies put a lot of stock in logos, and who can blame them? A logo is meant to serve as a visual and memorable representation of a brand, an enduring symbol of what it means to be “me.” But this graphical, emblematic totem rarely says much on its own. And when a logo becomes the focal point of a rebranding effort, which it often does, you’re missing the mark. 

A rebrand is closer to a revolution than an evolution. It should represent a fundamental shift in how you position your business. Sure, the logo and design will be a part of this. But the most important aspects will be the rationale behind the initiative and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve. Most of today’s rebranding efforts are in response to changes in the marketplace or consumer behavior. Perhaps a new competitor has disrupted industry norms, and your brand is now seen as stodgy or pedantic.

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