Successful Rebrand: What to Watch Out for and How to Make It Rewarding

When a computer malfunctions, the easiest step is often a quick reboot. For many tech hiccups, that’s all it takes to get back on track — problem solved. If only a company rebrand were that simple.

A comprehensive rebrand is more intentional and nuanced than hitting “reset” or initiating superficial changes. After purchasing Whole Foods, Amazon had to shed the grocery chain’s “Whole Paycheck” image. Customers had come to find the store overpriced when compared to competitors, so Amazon cut prices significantly and set up Amazon Prime customers to save even more. The best way to deal with an image problem, according to Amazon? Face it head-on.

This brand realignment didn’t happen for Whole Foods overnight. It took a willingness to dig below the surface to spot signs of consumer disengagement.

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