Tapping into the Ever-Evolving Human Brand with Controversy

By now, you’ve seen the recent Nike ad—and the multitude of derivative pieces that followed. And we all have our opinions on it. Now that the dust has settled, those that burned their Nike trainers are left with a rage-hangover and the realization that they now need to go out and fork out a hundred bucks for a new pair.

Meanwhile, their heated opinions and social activity on the matter earned Nike more brand exposure than they ever could have hoped for and those that were calling the move “brand suicide” are rapidly pulling down their YouTube videos.

Sales are up, conversation on an important issue they believe in is rampant, and the impact they have made on their audience have turned millions of customers into emotionally loyal advocates.

A Very Public Break-Up

Did they know they would upset many people? Yes. Do they see those people that were upset as their target audience now and in the future? No.

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