The Evolution of Marketing Part 1: How Digital Marketing Compares to Historical Marketing

Have you ever watched Mad Men and wished you could have worked at a 1960s advertising agency (except without all the misogyny, questionable morals, second-hand smoke, and rampant alcoholism…)?

Here at DigitalMarketer, we know the feeling well.

But as cool as advertising was in those days, we can’t really be that nostalgic. Because when you compare those historical marketing efforts with the digital marketing opportunities today, you realize…

We’re living in the golden age of marketing.

Don’t get me wrong. You’re liable to find any one of us curled up with one of the classic marketing books like Ogilvy on Advertising, Scientific Advertising, or Breakthrough Advertising.

After all, many of those direct marketing geniuses discovered advertising strategies that still work like a charm online today.

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