What Does a Successful Brand Refresh Look Like?

Let’s talk about rebrands. No, I’m not talking about when you decide you want to “rebrand yourself” every New Year’s Eve, I’m talking about a brand refresh for your business. As far as refreshing a brand goes, many have tried, and many have dramatically failed. Recall, if you may, the Uber logo refresh in February 2016? The internet had a field day asking themselves what the new logo looked like, much to the chagrin of Uber, who ultimately went back to their traditional black and white logo design. So, yes, it’s a frightening venture to change your brand’s look.

However, when you get a brand refresh right, it will feel right. Think back to the Instagram brand refresh years ago, switching from the traditional camera logo and app icon to a sleeker, rainbow gradient design. It’s both eye-catching and a call back to their previous logo.

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