Why People Love Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been a great platform for those who transitioned from being an employee to an entrepreneur. For those who have no idea about what we are talking about, affiliate marketing definition is one of the things we will discuss And find out why people love affiliate marketing.

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Employment Can Be Like Slavery

Working in a 9 to 5 job can be a type of slavery for many people. Getting up early and preparing for work, rush hour traffic is terrible and you have to face a monster boss. The salary is fixed and it takes years to get a promotion. The work is monotonous. and you wish that you were doing something else. When 5pm hits you then face the rush hour traffic going home. This is a typical day for the employment slave.


This is the situation many employees are in and they are screaming for change. All their dreams and expectations once they graduated from college are now crumbling before their eyes. Entering the workforce is not what they expected it to be and they want out.


You start thinking about job security, getting fired, laid off, and having no benefits. Getting to work is now more like dragging yourself to work, the question that comes to your mind is that, is there a way out of this situation at all?


Our parents have taught us that getting a college education and finding a job after is the way to go in order to secure our future when it comes to financial security. This mindset does not work anymore and you are now at a crossroad. What to do next?


Internet Age Opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, we just need to look for our niche and focus on that. There are so many problems that need solutions and those who come up with the best and innovative ways to address problems are the ones who will make it in this new economy that we are in.


We are now in the digital age and the internet is now our marketplace. Imagine making money where all you need is a computer, internet connection and a product or service to sell.


The risks will always be there, but done the right way, this open market that we have in this digital economy can give us more than we could ever imagine.


What Is Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, affiliate marketing is all about promoting and selling other people’s product usually through an affiliate network and getting a commission from it.


We take a look at the 2 parts of the affiliate marketing equation. The seller and the affiliate marketer.


The seller or merchant is the one who creates or owns the product that will be sold. Anyone can be a seller, whether a single individual or a large company. You just need to have a product to sell.


Affiliates can also be one person or huge companies. This type of business has proven to be a huge stream of income for many. Commissions have reached millions of dollars.


Affiliates usually promote products by coming up with a review blog of the seller’s products. Other channels of promoting can include social media platforms, digital ad space and SEO marketing. Prices are not higher when you buy from affiliates, they are the same as the retail prices from the seller. There are some affiliate marketers who inform their potential customers that they are a part of an affiliate program, but there are those who prefer not to be transparent.

This is the reason why those who have made it in this business love it so much. What’s not to love? Based on our affiliate marketing definition, it is really that simple, but like any other business it takes a lot of work in order to achieve success


For those who want to leave the rat race, affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity for you. Just make sure that you are firm in your decision to embark on a new journey as a business person. Finding a mentor and learning about the ins and outs of the business will also help before making that leap. Success is not guaranteed, of course, but the income potential is unlimited.

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